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„To be succesful and excellent, you have to work while others play.“




CIRA cz Ltd. was established in spring 2011 as a response to the growing demand for specialists in the agricultural sector for foreign development cooperation projects and also due to developing business relationships with foreign partners.

Our portfolio, for the "historical reasons", also includes sales of health and beauty tables for animals, which is one of the results of our activities abroad.

It is our policy not to be just a service provider, therefore we do not recognize the classic concept of supplier - customer where everyone stands on the other side, but we try to be a partner to our cooperating organization (project owner).

We only participate in such projects which, in our opinion, have sense, and our partner then has a loyal collaborator in our company to whom he can rely on and who is interested not only in the implementation of specific tasks, but the outcome of the project.

On the other hand we require direct and fair negotiations from our partners.

Oral agreement and the word are for us the same as an international agreement.



Our Motto:

„To be successful and excellent, you have to work while others play.“

Sir Winston Churchill


CIRA cz Ltd. is constantly looking for potential colleagues for long-term projects abroad in various positions. We are also looking for partners from the legal field who would be interested in mutual cooperation but do not have a clear idea of opportunities.


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