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During our work we try to collect contacts and notice mechanisms and social factors that are important and useful for the future development of trade of particularly Czech companies in the certain territories. CIRA cz Ltd. offers their experience.

What we can offer to our partners: 

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Development Projects

We offer experience in processing of the required documentation or proof of qualification requirements in project management and outside the agricultural sector to companies that are interested in working on projects in their countries as a precursor of business activities. In this context we are also looking for partners in developing countries for possible cooperation on projects announced by the European Commission. As stated elsewhere, non-profit organizations and other various non-governmental development agencies that usually lack specialists are also involved in implementation of various development projects. To these partners we offer cooperation on technical parts of the projects in agricultural sector, in both plant and animal production.


Project Management

We have experience in project management with a broad representation of experts or companies. For local companies we offer the possibility of linking cooperation with Czech companies in various fields. Such projects can be both development and commercially based.


Market Entry

Do you need new technology? Are you requesting products or technological units? Are you looking for new markets for your production? We offer partnership or new contacts. We will help you find a target customer or strategic partner in the Czech Republic. Given the membership of the Czech Republic in the European Union and the Schengen area, you have the opportunity to enter the entire European market which is also very lucrative. We have experience with establishment of a joint venture. We can carry out a feasibility study into a particular project or market analysis.



We can offer mediation of contacts for tourist agencies that are considering entering the market there.


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