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Training and advisory servise for cattle breeders


Donor: Czech Development Agency

Implementation period: 2011 - 2012

Budget: approx. CZK 2 million


It was a fairly large part of the program, which was aimed at supporting small farmers to increase their incomes and thereby reduce their dependence on social benefits. As part of this livestock, agricultural equipment and light machinery for animals breeding were delivered. Receivers were mainly people who were repatriated into areas where they lived before the war and started the old / new life almost from the very beginning with no resources.

Our company had, in this project, a co-ordination role, then mostly long-term supervision over the proper use of the supplied equipment, proper animal management and providing consultations to farmers with the most efficient use of options in given conditions outcome.

During these activities, we closely worked with a local non government organisation CRP and with people from the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) and the US Development Agency (USAID). Both sides agreed that this cooperation was very beneficial and successful.







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