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International development cooperation, in general, aims to improve living conditions in selected countries, mainly through support for education, improving of health care and technology transfer. Depending on which field it is oriented, activities are divided into sectors (agriculture, health, geology, water and sanitation, education, etc...).

Especially in the agricultural sector it targets projects in selected countries on access to modern technologies. It is always necessary to train relevant staff (usually at several management levels) to be able to develop the technology further. Technologies and procedures need to be a part of the system solution in order to work in the long term. So it also deals with the transfer of experience with the organization and functioning of the system. Another integral part is to provide a possible source of other competent workers who enter the emerging system.

As can be seen, the agricultural sector is very complex and involves appropriate specialization, training, management methods, financial management, etc. This, of course, puts great demands on implementing companies. .


In the world

In the world, there are many large and small, governmental and non-governmental development organizations that are trying through various activities and projects to meet the objectives stated above. Some of them are global in scope, while others have "priority countries" for the main focus of cooperation. In addition, also OSN, under the acronym UNDP (United Nations Development Cooperation) operates on a global level.


In Europe

The largest provider of international development cooperation is the European Union via EuroAid agency which falls under the European Commission (EC). Individual states then have national development agencies. Greater development agencies usually have their affiliations with at least one worker who oversees projects on the premises in priority countries.


In the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic these projects are known as International Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic (CR IDC). An organization that implements the project is called Czech Development Agency (CDA).






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