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Increasing the efficiency of the artificial insemination of cattle in Mongolia


Donor: Czech Development Agency

Implementation period: 2013 - 2015

Budget: approx. CZK 10 mil


As stated elsewhere, in Mongolia there are over 40 million pieces of farm animals and although the area is of about 1,565,000 km2 it starts to be a major problem. A huge number of animals constantly graze relatively poor vegetation on the steppe to a few centimeters. In Mongolia, there is basically with no exaggeration the largest and first-class golf course in the world where burrows of marmots are used as holes (but do not dig out sunken balls - marmots are the reservoir of bubonic plague). The vegetation is very sparse and soil is generally sandy. This leads to extensive erosion and thus desertification. The government is aware of this problem and one of its agricultural priorities is intensification of animal breeding. Thus, reduction and efficiency increase. It is possible to achieve these by targeted improving of the genetic potential of animals through artificial insemination. This method was known in the country but not widespread. Our task during the implementation of the project was to introduce European standards and epidemiological safety during production of insemination doses and improving the methodology of selection of breeding animals to the collection centre. In this context, it was also conducted several dozens of embryotransfers in order to "produce" appropriate bull breeds for artificial insemination centre and later semen collections. Furthermore, it was focused on improvement of laboratory techniques, and especially creation of a network of insemination technicians in the field providing service in selected regions. Other activities such as setting up a system of data flow from technicians (to be able to trace insemination doses of individual batches), education in the field and training of farmers in benefits of biotechnological methods followed.

Bovine embryos, insemination doses and medication required to synchronize the rut were purchased exclusively in the Czech Republic from Czech producers.



















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