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Zambia is the most stable democratic country in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of stable economic growth with high standards of security and relatively good legal environment. In recent years the market has been developing very quickly and dynamically, and the country benefits from its location. In this context demand for new products and technologies is increasing.

In the past, Zambia was a general partner of Czechoslovakia in this part of Africa as evidenced by the vast complex of buildings of the former embassy in Lusaka.

We are very well oriented in an agricultural business. For example, distribution and service of milking parlor, electronic breeding management systems, biotechnology services (where demand for such technologies is relatively large) are missing. Further, in the energy sector (currently demand for alternative energy sources is relatively high). Both sectors are very promising and supported by the government. We have experience with company founding and importation of goods into Zambia furthermore, in mining industry and transport.



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