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Situational Study for Implementing and Development of the System for Breeding Beef Cattle


Donor: Czech Development Agency

Implementation period: 2013

Budget: over CZK 0.5 mil


Situational study preceded the formulation of a comprehensive and complex program which started later with the aim of establishing a functioning system in beef cattle breeding. The aim of the study was to completely map the situation in terms of human resources, climatic conditions, suitable breeds for breeding (in terms of the nature of climate, terrain and nutrition possibilities) as well as identification of suitable partners and recommendations on appropriate methods which would then be incorporated into the project documentation. The study, however, dealt with the broader issues that contributed to the overall concept of the program, such as slaughter capacity, the system of veterinary and health care service in the field of biotechnological methods, the possibility of tradeabiliby of animal commodities, running of professional associations of farmers, etc., and the legislative framework of the given topics.





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