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Eradication of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in the Western Province


Donor : Czech Development Agency

Implementation period: 2006

Budget: approx CZK 15 mil


The project was based on the needs of the Zambian government to deal with epidemic of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in the western part of the country where veterinary service, testing and vaccination of animals were very poor. The implementer of this project dealt with these problems too. Therefore, it was decided that during the implementation the evaluation must be carried out which is quite unusual. People from our team were responsible for the professional part of this evaluation. The results showed low efficiency and nearly no impact of activities that were carried out and the project was then adjusted to maximize its current results and acquired material (mostly vehicles). Therefore, the result was not eradication of the disease, but the creation of several entirely new veterinary centers. This increased access of small farmers to the health service of medicaments and feeding supplements. The newly built centers will be supplement with, for example, an insemination technician, veterinary and other equipment which are not accessible to small farmers in remote regions.









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