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Sending of Czech Teachers to Developing Countries


Donor: Czech Development Agency

Implementing partner: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Implementation period: since 2012

Budget: annually approx. CZK 1 mil


People in our team collaborate on long-term activities of Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague which focus on close co-operation with the Faculty of Agronomy at University of Banja Luka as it is clear that any progress and development is unthinkable without educated and motivated people.

These activities are based on our initiative and are to be understood as a contribution to solving the greatest complexity of development cooperation in the agricultural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been focused on cattle breeding and improvement of its production based on systematic work. However, the support and assistance of development agencies cannot be permanent and over time it ceases and local people should start to develope the environment. But this assumes that during the promotion it will also be possible to create environment where these experts would continuously acquire the necessary qualifications, or replace workers who leave the activities.

Our support is specifically aimed to the gradual introduction of new subjects into the existing classes, furthermore cooperation in scientific activities, implementation of new methodologies in laboratories (assessment of quality of insemination doses, manipulation with stem cells, etc.) or training of post-graduate students, as well as training concerning embryo transfer etc.

Cooperation topics reflect a deep knowledge of the problems of farmers in the field and try to link with the objectives of other projects.





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